STEPS Meet-the-Expert Session

Steps Meet-the-Expert Session

Application for the Steps Meet-the-Expert Session is closed.

Sessions To Evaluate ProgresS in the management of urological cancers.

What is the STEPS programme?

The programme is designed to:

  • Maximise the opportunities for younger clinicians through direct interaction with the ESOU Board and high-level experts
  • Strengthen existing ties and encourage projects that will offer scientific authenticity and integrity
  • Support the ESOU in its continued scientific ambitions and research focused projects.

The programme aims to:

  • Offer an innovative educational opportunity to a selected group of young clinicians
  • To introduce young clinicians to the ESOU
  • To build a network of specialists with complementary interests and expertise overtime

Who is eligible?

Applicants should be recently specialised clinicians who:

  • Have a firm interest in the diagnosis and management of urological cancers
  • Are an EAU member
  • Are keen to participate in ESOU and EAU programmes
  • Understand and speak English fluently
  • Possess a long-term ambition to be part of a network of European physicians focusing on the continued research and improved management of patients with urological cancers

Required documents:

  • Updated CV and publication list
  • Endorsement letter from the Head of the Department

The setup of the programme

The STEPS programme will comprise of roundtable discussions wherein 24 clinicians, 4 mentors, and 4 ESOU Board members will be split into 4 groups.

In each group, the ESOU board member will provide a short introduction. Then the clinicians will discuss a specific case with the mentor and the rest of participants in the group.

To stimulate discussions in the groups, the designated ESOU board members and mentors will moderate, pose questions, and propose alternative therapies and outcome options. They will also ask open-ended questions and offer guidance on what alternative options could have been considered in dealing with the cases.

What participants can expect

The STEPS programme is where young clinicians can boost their know-how in onco-urology by discussing cases, brainstorming with renowned experts in the field, and receiving vital insights from them.

In addition, the interactions and activities during the programme will help foster links between countries and centres in facilitating research opportunities in Europe.

The STEPS programme aims energise not only the ESOU, the UROonco24 meeting, but also the future of scientific research through the introduction of young motivated clinicians to the field onco-urology.

Join the STEPS programme and get a shot at becoming a faculty member at the next UROonco meeting (2025)! There will be a winner chosen from each roundtable who will then be invited as faculty in the 2025 programme.

Application for the Steps Meet-the-Expert Session is closed

Application open: 16 November 2023
Application deadline: 21 April 2024

After the application deadline, you will receive a definite confirmation by email if you have or have not been selected to participate.