UROonco24 Steering Committee

Prof. Morgan Rouprêt  Paris (FR) ESOU chair
Prof. Arnulf Stenzl  Tübingen (DE) EAU Secretary General

UROonco24 Scientific Committee

Dr. Maarten Albersen Leuven (BE) ESOU
Prof. Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Barcelona (ES) ESOU
Assoc. Prof.  Jonathan Aning Bristol (GB) ESOU
Dr. Oscar Brouwer Amsterdam (NL) ESOU
Prof. Alberto Breda Barcelona (ES) ERUS
Dr. Christian Fankhauser Lucerne (CH) ESOU
Dr. Giorgio Gandaglia Milan (IT) ESOU
Dr. Gianluca Giannarini Udine (IT) ESOU
Assoc. Prof. Juan Gomez-Rivas Madrid (ES) ESOU
Prof. Dr. Marc-Oliver Grimm Jena (DE) ESOU
Prof. Dr. Isabel Heidegger Innsbruck (AT) ESUR
Prof. Steven Joniau Leuven (BE) ESOU
Dr. Maria Carmen Mir Maresma Valencia (ES) ESOU
Dr. Marco Moschini Milan (IT) YAU
Dr. Maria Rosaria Raspollini Florence (IT) ESUP
Prof. Francesco Sanguedolce Barcelona (ES) ESUI
Dr. Michiel Sedelaar Nijmegen (NL) ESOU
Prof. Alessandro Volpe Novara (IT) ESOU

The European Association of Urology

For almost 40 years, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has addressed the most pressing issues of urological care in Europe, through its scientific and educational initiatives, as well as its publications. The EAU delivers training, stimulates research, organises exchanges and broadcasts information.

More than 16,000 professionals have joined the EAU and together we create and explore numerous opportunities for professional growth and knowledge-sharing.

The EAU Section of Oncological Urology

The ESOU was established in 2001 as an official member of the EAU Section Office under the name of the European Society of Oncological Urology. In 2003, the ESOU organised its first scientific meeting and has continued to develop themes of evidence-based practice, reporting recent breakthroughs, rewarding outstanding European research and offering multiple benefits to the EAU members as well as oncological urology specialists from all over the world.

EAU Section of Uropathology

The EAU Section of Uropathology (ESUP) examines and promotes clinicopathological topics and the elaboration of minimal standards for uropathological diagnostics. The ESUP organises scientific and practical diagnostic cooperation with the urologists, as well as, postgraduate courses in uropathology for pathologists. The section represents European uropathology in international classification and staging committees.

EAU Section of Urological Research

Before ESUR was an EAU Section, it was the independent body European Society for Urological Oncology and Endocrinology (ESUOE). Initially, ESUOE comprised a small group of scientists who generally focused on malignant diseases. At present, the ESUR covers basic and translational research in all areas of urology.

Young Academic Urologists (YAU)

The Young Academic Urologists (YAU) aims to promote high-quality studies in order to provide strong evidence for the best urological practice, to promote educational programmes in order to boost European training standards and to create a platform for close international cooperation for the future urology leaders in Europe (and beyond).